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Debbie is extremely encouraging and professional and from the start asked me what I liked to do and what I didn’t like to do so that my training plan is not something I don’t enjoy.  For example I don’t like big weights so there are none!  What I am also excited about is that I have learned a lot of great exercises that I can do without leaving the house.

I honestly cannot thank Debbie enough for all she has done for me.  I was truly stuck in a rut and she has helped me get out of what was “weighing” me down...

- Michelle, Terrebonne QC

Lost 65lbs, ran a half marathon

Right from the start, the support that I received is amazing. Debbie has taught me to regain confidence in myself, to push me to do things I never thought I could. Not only have I regained a stronger body, I have also gained a stronger mental self.   I truly wondered if when I started out that I would make my goal, I can honestly say that not only will I achieve it, I will surpass it with Debbie's help.

- Charla, Rosemere QC

30 lbs lost so far!

J'ai perdu 30 lbs en tout et je maintiens mon poids à 130lbs depuis déjà 2 ans et demi. Je suis très fière de moi et je m'entraîne toujours 5 jours semaine. Je fais 3 jours de cardio et 2 jours de musculation et cardio (toujours avec tes programmes que Debbie m'avais faits).

- Nathalie, Laval QC

Lost 30 lbs and kept it off

I just wanted to tell you how happy Christina was when she came home yesterday. School has not been her favorite place all fall. Yesterday was one of the first dinners where she was radiating excitement about her yoga class and how nice you were. Many post-school dinners are spent easing her through tears about school situations- last night was pleasant and exciting. So, thank you Debbie,, for being terrific and we cannot wait until next Tuesday!

- Skye, Rosemere QC

Daughter participated in Yoga for Kids in school

My son, 4 and a half years old, is a gentle yet extremely timid person. When he began the yoga classes he would hardly participate at all and certainly not in the group activities. I was surprised one day not long after we started when he told me that his favourite day of the week was Fridays because we go to yoga class. Not long after that he began doing the individual postures. Then he began making the sounds that Debbie proposed and finally he began diving right into the group activities. I attribute this about face to Debbie's gentle persistence. Every single time she asked for a volunteer she included my son even though he always hid behind me when she did. And she always said, "that's OK too," when he declined. Eventually, due to her consistency and genuineness, she earned his trust and he even volunteered to lead the class at the end of the session. 
Debbie is a creative teacher and gifted in dealing with the multiple personalities that emerge from a group.

-Jena, Rosemere QC

Participated with her son in Parent-Child Yoga

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