Classes and Coaching for 2018!

Hey there!

You may be overwhelmed right now with holiday gift shopping (online or braving the crowds at the mall), decorating your home, writing cards (if you’re a little old-fashioned like me), baking, attending parties, hosting parties, or just getting the house in order before the craziness hits.

Whatever you’re doing right NOW, in just a month or less things will be calm again and you’ll be able to focus on YOU again.

And that’s when my winter classes will be ready and waiting for you.

Boot Camp is a way to have fun while getting a great workout; Yoga will relax and strengthen your body and mind; Coaching will get you a focused 12-month plan and tailored support to feeling awesome in your body and life in time for the holidays in 2018; and our local Running Group is a way to get out there and hang with people who enjoy being active.

So, here’s the line-up:

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Cindy’s Story…

A year ago, Cindy became a client and forever changed the way I see my role as a coach.

She lived close by and knew I was a fitness coach.  And from my blog she also knew I was certified with Precision Nutrition (PN), which she was already familiar with.

Like most people that contact me for coaching, she wanted to lose weight.

But of course, there was more to it than just the weight.  A lot more.

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Let those wake up calls wake you up!

A few years ago I was listening to an interview with Pema Chödrön, author and Buddhist nun.

She was talking about paying attention to life because it’s always speaking to us.

She told a story of how she had been appointed director of a Buddhist center in Colorado.

Of course, she was honored to be chosen for such a position, but she wasn’t thrilled about it.

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Say “I DO!” to a brand new 30-day challenge…

On September 18th I’m launching a brand new 30-day challenge.

And guess what?

It’s not just about exercise this time.

This time I wanted to create a much more holistic challenge that would get you to dig a little deeper.

I wanted to create an opportunity for you to explore the roots of who you are not just physically, but in every wonderful way.

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Do you have skin in the game? Here are 4 ways to get accountable and achieve your goals…

Happy September!

I don’t know about you, but everything gets a lot busier for me come September, which is great and not so great.

On the one side, I’m so enthusiastic at this time of year!  I’m excited to start or re-start all kinds of classes, coaching opportunities, and various online projects.

But on the other side, my time becomes more limited, and it’s easy to fall into the “I’m too busy” excuse.

So, to keep on track this fall, I’m going to get accountable… in a big way.  And here’s how…

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