Strength is moving forward…

Since I was about 10, I’ve kept journals.

Not consistently, but sporadically over the years.

After 35 years, that periodic effort has added up to a whole lot of spiral bound note books, hard cover journals, old-fashioned diaries with a key, and pieces of mismatched loose leaf and bits of paper bound together in a folder.

Sometimes – usually when I’m going through a cleaning frenzy – I read through some of these words I’ve written at different phases in my life.

I find it interesting to see that some of the things I’ve said, I’m still saying today.  And some things are, thankfully, very different.

Last week, as I was getting rid of some things I no longer needed, I came across a list I wrote in a journal.  It was about what strength means to me.

For the most part, I still believe it’s true.

I wrote this list shortly after going through a divorce, as I was contemplating my future.

Before going through that ordeal ten years ago, I didn’t think of myself as a strong person.

In fact, I even had someone tell me that I wasn’t strong because I was too calm and quiet.  Her belief was that strength had to be loud, with fists swinging, and weapons drawn.

And I believed her at the time.

But once I got to the other side of divorce, shared custody and assuming a mortgage on my own, I realized that strength doesn’t look like she said.

Actually, from my experience, it was quite the opposite…

Strength is moving forward when you feel like just giving up

Strength is doing what needs to get done, when it needs to get done

Strength is a force deep inside, it’s not superficial

Strength is maintaining your course despite the weather, the current, or the opinions of on-lookers

Strength is quiet and calm

Strength is not being afraid to be who you are

Strength is vulnerable

Strength is loving someone even when they don’t seem to love you in return

Strength is believing in your dream and taking steps to make it happen

Strength is opening yourself up to criticism, understanding what’s valuable, and using it to make you stronger

Strength is loving yourself even if it seems no one else does

Strength is the ability to endure, to keep your head above the waves even as the water seems to be rising

Strength is being angry at someone without insulting who they are

Strength is replacing your job with a mission

Strength is saying thank-you to kindness, despite unkindnesses in the past

Strength is forgiveness

Strength is being who you know you can be

Strength is not giving someone the finger when they cut you off in traffic

Strength is believing before seeing

Strength is letting the other person be right

Strength is letting go

Strength is knowing when to shut up… and doing it

Strength is making the difficult choice

Strength is gentle words, a spontaneous smile, a delicate touch

Strength is knowing that you’re never alone, even if sometimes it feels that way

Strength is something you discover you have when you overcome a challenge you didn’t know you could

Strength is not about who talks the loudest, who knows the most, or who lifts the heaviest weight… Strength is discreet, humble, and asks for help

I’ve learned a lot about my own strength since I wrote those words.

However, I’m not always as strong as I’d like to be.

I don’t ask for help as much as I should.  I’m sometimes reluctant to be kind when remembering unkindnesses.  And yes, sometimes I find it hard not be right.

But I’m aware.

I know where I fall short, so that gives me something to work on.

Because I know that I’m a work in progress.

And I am getting stronger.


PS So what does strength mean for you?  Are you as strong as you’d like to be?

Say “I DO!” to a brand new 30-day challenge…

On September 18th I’m launching a brand new 30-day challenge.

And guess what?

It’s not just about exercise this time.

This time I wanted to create a much more holistic challenge that would get you to dig a little deeper.

I wanted to create an opportunity for you to explore the roots of who you are not just physically, but in every wonderful way.

And to do that, you may find you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Not in a ridiculous dancing-with-a-lampshade-on-your-head sort of way, but in a way that gets YOU closer to YOU.

These short and simple challenges could be:

  • Physical challenges (including strength, cardio, and other movement)
  • Nutrition challenges (including trying new foods, and new food habits)
  • Mind challenges (including writing, thinking, and creativity… this will be fun!)

You see, my ultimate goal in setting up this challenge is that you get to know yourself in a whole new light, as a person that deserves love, compassion, and attention.

I call this the “I DO!” challenge because of that question in the marriage vows so many of us take when we get married…

I believe it goes something like this:

“Do you, ____, take ____, … to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, from this day forward, until death do we you part?”

The irony is that we vow these things to someone else, but we rarely take these vows for ourselves.

So for the purpose of this challenge, I’d like you to be able to be able to answer an enthusiastic “I DO!” to the question:

Do you, ________, take yourself – body, mind, and spirit – to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, from this day forward, until death to you part?

Ok, that might sound a little crazy – perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone? – but the premise isn’t.

The thing is that research shows that women are eating themselves unhealthy, are feeling disconnected from their bodies, and are more focused on their superficial needs (clothing, hair, make-up and skin care) than taking care of what’s happening inside.

In other words, most women aren’t doing so good in the self-care department.

If this sounds like you, then I challenge you to take this challenge.

How the challenge works…

1. Sign up for the challengeit’s free!

2. Each morning, open the daily challenge in your inbox

Beginning Monday, September 18th, you’ll be getting a new challenge every single morning for 30 days.

The challenge may have to do with exercise, or it may have to do with food, or it may have to do with self care, or it may have to do with challenging your mind.

And each challenge will be short, no longer than 10 minutes.

Whatever the challenge, try to read it early so you can…

3. Prepare to get it the challenge done today

Depending on the day’s challenge, you may not be able to complete it right away.  So figure out where you’ll be able to complete the challenge, and put it into your calendar.

Also, make sure you have what you need to complete the challenge.  There won’t be any requirement for special equipment, but you may need some household supplies or appropriate clothing or footwear.

4. Do the challenge

Get the challenge done!

Now, each day you have the choice to simply do the challenge of the day, OR…

If you feel the need to challenge yourself further, accumulate the challenges and keep doing ALL the challenges for the remaining days, OR

Do something in between by retaining and repeating only those challenges that feel the most transformative, or helpful.

5. Share it

Be accountable… Share every time you complete a challenge.

Recruit friends to do this challenge with you, and check in with each other.

Or, feel free to email me each day, once you’ve completed the challenge.

Or, if you want to go public with it, post it directly on my Facebook page (check out more about the power of accountability in my last blog entry “Do you have skin in the game?”)

In just 10 days, we’ll begin the challenge.

Sign up is easy and free… just click on the link.

Now, if you want to get more support, guidance, and accountability with exercise, eating better, and living healthier, then contact me for a free 30-minute Coaching Call.

Check out my Coaching page, and email me at or call/text me at 1-514-445-6434

And don’t forget that Boot Camp begins next Monday, September 11th at Parc Lorraine, and Yoga next Thursday, September 14th at McCaig Elementary School…

Keep moving forward this September,


Do you have skin in the game? Here are 4 ways to get accountable and achieve your goals…

Happy September!

I don’t know about you, but everything gets a lot busier for me come September, which is great and not so great.

On the one side, I’m so enthusiastic at this time of year!  I’m excited to start or re-start all kinds of classes, coaching opportunities, and various online projects.

But on the other side, my time becomes more limited, and it’s easy to fall into the “I’m too busy” excuse.

So, to keep on track this fall, I’m going to get accountable… in a big way.  And here’s how…

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Fall 2017 Classes and Coaching (and a Free Webinar too!)

Don’t you just LOVE fall?

To me, fall is like the start of a brand new year.

It’s a time to start something new, or pick up where we left off after the excitement and spontaneity of summer.

If you’re ready to pick up a new fitness habit, or just get back on the fitness wagon, then I’ve got something for you…

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The 3 Keys to Finding Your Fit After 40: Mind, Body, Food

Hey there!

I want to know… What does being FIT mean to you?

As I get older (I’m now in my mid-forties), being fit has gone way beyond just about looking good in a pair of jeans.

FIT has taken on a much bigger, more important meaning.

As I move forward in life, I want to not only be physically fit, but I also want to be mentally fit, spiritually fit, and fit in terms of my relationships as well.

This means I want to stay active, avoid disease, be mentally sharp and focused, enjoy down time for yoga and meditation, travel, be present with the loves of my life, and just feel good in my own skin.

I want to keep enjoying these aspects of my life for decades to come.

Now, what about you?

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Effort, success, and Omega-3 supplements…

Don’t you agree that the BEGINNING of pretty much any experience (at least the ones you choose) is kind of exciting?

I’m talking about the spark of a new relationship, the first day of school, getting your dream job, starting your own business, …  Hell, even the first day of your new diet or exercise program seems awesome!

But, if you’ve been around the block a few times, you also know how these BEGINNINGS can turn out.

Generally, within a few days or weeks, that starry-eyed enthusiasm begins to fade and you discover EFFORT at your door.

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Turn up the intensity this August…

It’s a new month, and that means a brand new challenge.

For August, I’ve got a HIIT (that’s High Intensity Interval Training) challenge for you.

Now, don’t be worried about the name.

Yes, the workouts are intense but they’re also done at YOUR OWN INTENSITY… and they’re short.

Each daily workout is only 4 to 6 minutes in length.  No equipment required.

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